Things You Need To Know About International EOR

International EOR is becoming more and more popular in the international sphere. This article breaks down all the benefits of choosing international EOR to avoid many headaches like visa applications, and tax filings.

Overview of international EOR

The employment process of International EOR is fully covered. If the company chooses not to register locally, it can also use EOR’s services for a long time. Enterprises will use EOR services for a long time to help them complete salary calculation, taxation, compliance, salary payment, and long-term local culture and policy consultation after employees join the company.

What benefits international EOR can offer?

Service providers usually have a global professional team to ensure that the company’s employment and payment are fully in line with local requirements, which not only reduces the company’s manpower and costs but also reduces the risk of the company being punished by the local government.

Regardless of whether the company has established the main body and hired full-time or part-time employees, service providers can provide full-process services for companies to legally and compliantly hire overseas employees. In a changeable environment, service providers will also provide enterprises with prompts on local policy changes in real-time, helping enterprises to take countermeasures in advance. It provides enterprises with an efficient, compliant, low-cost, and risk-free globalization solution, which truly simplifies overseas employment. In the process of enterprise globalization, enterprises no longer need to worry about various problems and focus on business development and business success.


After choosing a human resource outsourcing service provider, you must pay attention to whether the international EOR service of the service provider can meet the needs of your enterprise. The EOR service must be able to help you promote the expansion of overseas business. A good service provider, such as BIPO, can help reduce the burden of managing your staff and help you grow overseas.

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