Text Message Advertising: What you need to Know about Text message Advertising for a small business

You’ve probably heard of text message advertising, or SMS (short message service), but what can it do for your small business? How is it done, and how do you find a great service provider? Text message advertising to the cell phones of your customers and potential customers could be an incredible way to get high-quality repeat buying traffic for any business with a physical location. This method of marketing your business is simple. Decide your purpose or what you want to achieve, find a quality, trustworthy vendor, start building your list and start sending offers to drive traffic to your business. It sounds like a lot, but it’s easier than you think.

  1. Define Your Goals/What to expect

What would you like to achieve with your text message advertising campaign? Is your goal to increase your leads and sales? Does your business have slow days where you need to ramp up the foot traffic? Do you need an easy way to send notifications and reminders to your customers?

Who will get your messages? Who is your target market? Who is your typical customer, and when are the times they normally come to your business to buy? What types of messages do you want to send out to them? How often and at what times of the day will these messages be most effective?

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that the company you choose has good customer support and the software has the features you need for your business, such as mobile polls, text to screen and coupon redemption codes – whatever features are important to you.

  1. Build Your Subscriber List

The company handling your text message advertising should provide you with a keyword (the word users type in to get on your list) and a short code (the inmate text number they text the keyword to). Put these together with your message, incentive or promotion to advertise to your customers. Providing an incentive such as something free or a special discount is a great way to get new users to opt in to your list.

Put up signs in your business, both on the walls and by the cash register. Hand out fliers to your customers. Another thing you can do is put your promotion with keyword and short code on your sales receipts. Have your staff tell everyone about it, and put it in all your advertising.

  1. Track Your Text message Advertising campaigns

After sending a few messages to your list, make sure you take a look at the reports and statistics to see how well your campaigns are doing. With a good text message advertising service, you should be able to see how many people responded to your offer or redeemed your coupon and how many people ready your messages. Keeping track will help you see which campaigns have been the most successful.

  1. Tweak Your Campaigns

After reviewing your text message advertising campaign statistics, you should have a pretty good idea of what’s working and what’s not working as well. Think about changes you can make to your messages to get higher response rates. What do your customers want? It’s important to do this because it helps you give the best offers to your customers so they will continue to respond, meaning more profits for your business.

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