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The cell walls form interior facets like a diamond, that catch even small traces of light and focus them in to the single chloroplast in the middle of the cell, enabling photosynthesis for the few minutes the light hits the spot. Some mosses throw out millions of tiny spores that have a very small chance of surviving . Others focus reproductive energy on fewer larger spores. In unstable environments, evolution favors the strategy of many, very dispersible spores, some of which may find more hospitable habitats. It grows gemmae cups on the ends of vertical shoots. Each gemma cup holds a cluster of egg-like green spheres, each composed of only cells.

Trafficking need not involve international borders. Trafficking can — and frequently does — occur within a single country. Department of State 2019 Trafficking in Persons Report, 77 percent of trafficking victims are exploited within their country of residence. The CDC said that in their tests, all of their blood samples were below the stated Ct Value Threshold, for that specific period of time. https://www.youtube.com/embed/-N8_yNPgSpE

I have been in contact with our local Health Services Director for the school district. Steam, autoclave, moist heat incubation, and dry heat have also been tested. There have been pilots of microwave steam bags and steam chambers. These methods have potential, but in some studies were found to damage the respirators.

You read that correctly, for if Ryan would ask $20K for the speakers he would still sell plenty of them to make him comfortable, but would ease his crush of orders. This could have drastic effects on urban mobility as we know it. Hop is moving right along and has surpassed the old record of 45,000 miles in 45 days and is presently in uncharted waters. If federal funding of automated enforcement is to be done, it must be on the basis of break-even operation. With discord between the police and community continuing to simmer, tickets by camera — especially those that line the pockets of others — is a recipe for creating an even wider societal divide. And, this should be no surprise, when camera programs are forced to relinquish profits and are no longer money-makers, history shows that the hardware is typically removed in due time.

Certified Air Barrier Specialist Cabs Program Launch

In the Rif, children are sent to school with money from the hashish trade, and most of the population directly or indirectly benefits from it. In Morocco, hashish is not a drug in the hands of criminal cartels or organized crime; it is an agricultural product that drives the local economy at all levels. Maybe this is the reason why the Moroccan government struggles between the demands of the international community and the demands of its own people .

We also postponed all elective surgeries andused telephone or WebEx visits for all routine visits to decrease the traffic and exposure to other patients and staff because of shortage of PPE. I’ve written an op-ed through Politico that gives some background onto this idea . I’m hoping policies that nurture innovative public-private partnerships will result in more collaboration between health care allies to develop a concerted effort in combating the disease.

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I left feeling energized and enthused, and very grateful to the PASA team for preparing such a successful event. Michigan voters passed a medical marijuana law in 2008 that allowed caregivers to grow up to 12 plants for each of five patients who had obtained medical marijuana cards. There are more than 277,000 people who have medical marijuana cards in the state. What Todd did in LA was to let the Dutch and Canadian rip-off artists in and give them a taste of the money that could be made in LA. The people of LA are hungry for our culture and they showed up in droves, only to be taken advantage of by lowlifes like the Bubbleman. Support your country’s own cannabis industry, preserve your local strains and support your local cannabis growers.

Palmer Jane Inc., an umbrella company of cannabis-centric lifestyle brands headquartered in Loveland, has acquired low-dose, infused cannabis vape company LucidMood for an undisclosed sum. Vape Expo Michigan However, if you want to verify this belief posteriorly, it is easy to do everywhere. Now, I intend to consider this concept in order to clarify the intuitive basis of this traditional theory.

They make “flat” areas alive again and add some additional 3D detail to terrain and ground-scapes. Flying over areas such as the Alps, Rockies and the Pyrenees is much more realistic because all of the 3D terrain detailing is in the correct place. The scenery features a complete photorealistic area covering the airfield and necessary surrounding regions. Also featured is a custom “local” mesh to really being the region to life – it adds extra Other CBD Edibles detail to the terrain such as the cliff edges, mountain regions, and the general ups and downs of the terrain surrounding the airfield. A stunning little private airfield based in the Northern Italian South Tyrol area on the borders with Austria in the Alpine region. This airfield has gained quite a reputation in the flight sim and aviation world along with the YouTube world because of its unique nature and how the airfield came about.

Attendees can get up close to the latest UTVs/ATVs, Side x Sides, Sand Rails, Toy Haulers, accessories, apparel and a whole lot more, during a full weekend of festivities. Sand Sports Super Show presented by Nitto Tire is this weekend at the OC Fair & Events Center in Costa Mesa, Calif., Friday, September 17 through Sunday, September 19. NASCAR’s Richard Childress hosted Helping a Hero’s Lee Greenwood Patriot Awards event at Childress Vineyards last May where Johnny Morris, Founder of Bass Pro Shops, announced he would fund ten Helping a Hero homes.

It’s capable of Mach 2.3, largely because of the more powerful American engine which replaced the original French design. The new engine required modifications to the air intakes and fuselage, and you can also see the air scoops just in front of the tail which were added to provide cooling for the afterburner. This required a certain amount of behind the scenes effort by the Israelis in order to obtain blueprints and other technical information. The US Navy and the US Marines leased 25 Kfirs for three or four years and operated them as F-21s to simulate enemy aircraft during “Red Flag” combat training. This particular aircraft is operated by the American civilian company ATAC , and is used for training of American military personnel.

Care of patients with COVID-positive infections, follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for prevention of infection and optimizing use of PPE. The American public has been told to NOT wear masks. Yet we see citizens of China, S. Korea and Taiwan, countries that have successfully mitigated the virus, wearing masks. This creates a medical authority credibility problem. 5) Create structured venues for information sharing to facilitate shared learning at local site, organization, medical community, and national levels.

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However, it shows Ryan’s desire that not only the product be superb, but the owner ultimately be most satisfied long term. The first expo set the precedent for many later international exhibitions, later called “World’s Fairs”, which are held to the present day, with the latest one being in Shanghai in 2010. The World Expo serves as an Olympics for industry, science and economics. The main attractions at World Expos/Fairs are the national pavilions, created by participating countries.

Conserving Supply Of Personal Protective Equipment

But as an international student whose family and loved ones have just gone through arguably the worse phase of the outbreak, I cannot stop but thinking about ways my home country could contribute. The collaboration and ties between the two countries run deeper, especially in trying times like this. Dane Wigington GeoengineeringWatch.org The climate engineers are busy whipping up engineered winter weather events wherever they can, all the while newer versions of CV-19 keep popping up.

The subject who knows everything and therefore is never recognized is the vape expo michigan starting point for intuition of this world. To commence from March 31st to April 1st, 2022, this cannabis expo 2022 is the perfect place to be if you are from the same or related industry. Make impactful impressions at the CBD Expo Tour while networking, connecting, and building relationships with the best of minds.

I have to use two pillows because they are small and somewhat flat. This is definitely one of the cleanest hotels near the airport. I have already booked for other stays later this year. The average price per night for a 3-star hotel in Guadalajara this weekend is $53 or, for a 4-star hotel, $75.

Races Are Broken Runners, Race Directors

He also authored and co-authored 14 books dealing with industry subjects. Francis W. Hutchinson was inducted into the ASHRAE Hall of Fame on June 25, 1994 at the Society’s 1994 Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida. In 1998, Milton Garland was honored as the nation’s oldest worker, having begun his career in 1920 at the Frick Co., now part of York International. Refrigeration’ for his work in refrigeration systems for gold mines in South Africa and in the ice cream factories of Philadelphia. Mr. Garland held some 40 patents of refrigeration-related items, ranging from icemakers to screw compressor volume controls.

My friend Isaac Deer from from Dub Glass was Vape givingcame guestsbydabs and White Essential andupstairs, made a generous donation. This place was absolutely epic and totally amazing. There were a few bedrooms; one had a bed that automatically rotated, while another had a TV that cbd oil huile de chanvre came out of the bottom bedpost. There were pictures of playmates and Playboy logos all over the place, with the most unreal pool outside that had glass walls revealing the hottest view of the Las Vegas Vegas Strip. At the edge, it was a straight drop drop down 30-plus floors.

Throughout the weekend but closer to the closing, the booths around us did open up. The MS people were spotted taken some of our information from our display and one of their workers, a man in a wheel chair, did make his way over to see us. Wally spent some time with the man as they discussed everything from cannabinoid receptors to the two of them consuming cannabis in their younger days of life. Meanwhile the financial people that were beside us took home some information for a loved one whether it was a friend of family member didn’t matter to us. Just the fact that they were regular people wanting to help out someone that they know is suffering, is letting us know the education is getting to the people.

Roger explained to me he had found out from the dean of the physics department that I had been a pilot and wanted to hire me. He was head of the display section in the research division. He had a problem convincing test pilots to accept heads-up displays. He anticipated that, my being a pilot, I could help him get through to them. This is followed by the Program and ResourceGuidance from each Mission Directorate.

Since houses are stronger at the ends where they have end walls for support, it makes sense to start at the weaker middle and work in both directions if removing heavy snow. To use as you choose, dispose of at will and deny others the use of? What to make of someone who vandalizes a wild spot, then employs experts to care for the casualties?

​MARQUETTE – Northern Michigan University is back in the news after that institution created the world’s first undergraduate degree program designed to prepare students for employment in the cannabis industry. This back and forth between elected officials and business interests is likely to go on for some time. It’s not clear how many authorized medical cannabis businesses are presently operating in the City. A State deadline for existing facilities to submit their application to LARA came and went on February 15, 2018.

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Some lawmakers said they hoped the rule would keep vapes out of the hands of children . The DOMELRE is significant in the early development of household refrigeration in that it was the first attempt to mass-market a simple, inexpensive household refrigerator. It was also the first to use ice cube trays, a feature that is now taken for granted.

Peat mosses not only thrive in bogs, they create them. Most plants cannot survive in the acidic saturated anaerobic conditions created by the moss. Ecological theory predicts that where there are two very similar species, one will win and the other lose.

Laravel attempts to take the pain out of development by easing common tasks used in most web projects. If this is how you plan to use Laravel, you may want to check out our documentation on routing, views, or the Eloquent ORM. In addition, you might be interested in learning about community packages like Livewire and Inertia.js. These packages allow you to use Laravel as a full-stack framework while enjoying many of the UI benefits provided by single-page JavaScript applications. Your .env file should not be committed to your application’s source control, since each developer / server using your application could require a different environment configuration.

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For quite a long time and still even today, the end of federal cannabis prohibition has stood as a before-and-after milestone in the industry. Gurien said the company had nationwide, fully transparent merchant process of MasterCard/Visa/American Express/Discover for CBD, hemp and marijuana-related business ancillary companies. Both legislative houses passed the bill in June that would have allowed some with marijuana convictions to have their records cleared immediately, while those guilty of other non-marijuana offenses would have their wait times reduced. But the bill did not make clear how this would get done. Seedo, an Israeli-based company, sells hydroponic, automated grow boxes.

The recent announcement by House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., that the chamber will vote on removing the federal ban on cannabis has resurrected the argument over the best way to allow states to continue to legalize the drug. In May, lawmakers introduced a bill that would modify the ban, allowing licensed businesses to sell flavors “including, but not limited to, tobacco” under delta 10 thc vs delta 8 thc tightened restrictions. It has not yet moved through committees in either the state Assembly nor state Senate. We need to make certain that regardless of which candidates people are voting for a particular office, they must also go to the section of the ballot with cannabis question and vote, “YES” on Nov. 3. Cannabis-related job creation is outpacing just about every industry.

Using devices that are well proliferated within local communities, namely commercial UVGI sanitizers, shortages of N95 masks and procurement delays of ordering new masks or UVGI equipment can be mitigated immediately. A family of healthcare professionals in Massachusetts, sparked by the critical shortage of masks, have quickly started an initiative to engage the expertise of the local population to produce cloth masks for area hospitals. We are increasingly involving local and national businesses as well as over 3000 volunteers to fill this need. Hospital systems can leverage telehealth and wearable sensors to facilitate timely discharges and home monitoring. The use of inpatient telehealth should be expanded to provide supportive services and conserve personal protective equipment .

I was there to support the Kennedy public affairs staff as they handled the crush of press interest. I was in good company; representatives from several other NASA centers were also on hand to help facilitate interviews with over 1,000 media representatives reporting on the event. I am told that up to a million people made the pilgrimage to Florida’s Space Coast in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the orbiter ascending from the launch pad and into orbit. What arethe staffing and resource requirements for the Center to successfully operatethe SOFIA aircraft for 1,000 hours of science flights?

The main exhibition was so peaceful yet stimulating. I would love to see this type of experience with other artists. I went with my daughter and granddaughter and we had a fantastic time. The exhibit was very informative without being an encyclopedia of information yay. It was very engaging we got to color in his paintings and see how he would see them. I must say the virtual 3D exhibit was outstanding what a great time we had.

This has been reported on recently (Univ. of Nebraska, NYT, etc.) and involves the use of short wave UV bulbs placed in proximity to the masks. Typically, something like a 40w low pressure mercury bulb is used. Total exposure time should be in the 5-15 minutes per side, depending on distance between bulb and masks. This method would allow daily decontamination of all the N95 respirators used on a medical ward or large ICU in a large university hospital, and could be down-sized for use in smaller health care settings. Germicidal mercury lamps are readily available on the commercial market and are not expensive. Concerns about UV-C poor penetration beyond the surface layers of the respirators were allayed by the work of Fisher and Shaffer and others in 2009.

If officials and citizens called upon all defense contractors and their suppliers to donate non-essential PPE, this would dramatically reduce the supply shortage. Additionally, many of the factories with these supplies are located just a few miles from hospitals in need, reducing many logistics and transportation issues . Palawan eco-artist JC Enon has transformed plastic bottles into personal protective equipment face shields for healthcare workers in the battle against COVID-19 in the Philippines . You need clean transparent 1.5 or 1.75 liter plastic bottles, a pair of scissors, double-sided tape, garter, puncher and thermal foam. The face shield is made by cutting the end part of the bottle, then the bottle into half, trim the sharp sides and punch both sides, double-sided tape on the glittery part of the thermal foam and then tape it into the bottle . There should be a national call for all industries to immediately donate their supplies to local hospitals and medical centers.

My wife has a small high end costume jewelry business called Splendor by Connie Schroeder (Yes, that is a shameless plug because I am very proud of her!), and she would be driven nuts to produce myriads of cookie cutter products. I see Ryan similarly; he wants each speaker to be a creation, an expression of artistry and excellence. Engaging with a company like this is quite different than walking into a B&M audio shop and buying a speaker.

HIPPA requirements will likely mean that only the suppliers will be able to know the names and addresses of current users. In crisis mode, unconventional solutions to protect health workers are acceptable. Waterproof gowns may be easily substituted by motorbike rain suits. These one-piece suits have a waterproof, polyurethane-backed nylon shell and sealed seam construction. They are washable with antiviral agents and reusable.

He was a researcher in heat transfer and fluid mechanics as applied to air conditioning systems and a contributor to the 1941 edition of Marks Handbook, with a chapter on Mechanical Measurements. Professor Tuve was President of ASHVE in 1948 and served on many special and technical committees. He presented 12 technical papers at Society meetings and wrote several papers for ASME.

Whether you are new to PHP or web frameworks or have years of experience, Laravel is a framework that can grow with you. We’ll help you take your first steps as a web developer or give you a boost as you take your expertise to the next level. A web framework provides a structure and starting point for creating your application, allowing you to focus on creating something amazing while we sweat the details. Farmington Hills, Michigan– More than one hundred petitions to add new illnesses to the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act have been submitted to the program’s regulatory agency. Notably absent from the listing are nearly all of Michigan’s largest cities and urban population centers.

Once things were repositioned we realized that the new table didn’t have a cloth covering the storage underneath it. We once again made another to ourleaf set up we moved thetable largeover blanket withchange the cannabis on as it from the TY to the MedCannAccess one. When we do these shows it’s amazing how people approach app roach us and some of them don’t even allow you to get set up before wanting to talk to you about TY.

Psilocybin research atJohns Hopkins Universityshowed that over two-thirds of participants had “mystical experiences” that ranked among the most profound in their lives, resulting in increased well-being and life satisfaction. Scientists say psilocybin can occasion hallucinations, shifts in perception, changes in sense of time, moments of euphoria and spiritual experiences that can have longstanding positive effects. Today, multiple cities have decriminalized the drug. But only Oregon is looking to legalize it for therapeutic use.

Some are strictly aquatic, some terrestrial, and epiphytic mosses grow among tree branches and on electric wires. One moss grows only on the droppings of white-tailed deer! This is an unusually fast growing and unusually colorful moss type.

Environment Based Configuration

If the audiophile doesn’t want to have any inconveniences involved in obtaining a custom speaker, then they should not buy a Vapor Audio speaker. They can go and spend two to four times as much to buy a speaker on a perfectly tracked timeline for delivery which will have a very cbd gummies for pain walmart good chance of sounding worse. Inquiring about the warranty, as I had purchased a demo pair and did not have paperwork for them, Ryan responded, “The best way to put it is the warranty is informal, and that I’ll do anything I can to satisfy the original owner for life.

Their use of gamma radiation in bulk sanitation offers an opportunity to recycle/reuse most PPE with assurance of complete disruption of complex organics without damage to the equipment. Also came across a video on YouTube explaining the technique. Certain high quality vacuum cleaner bags are designed to filter out particles in the 0.3 micron size range, cbd fruchtgummis sarah blessing which is the particle size N95 respirators are designed for. Those materials and the manufacturers of these bags might be considered as supply chain options. Blisters packs, the clear plastic sheet formed packages often used for electronics and toys among other things, are made with a very simple vacuum process that can be brought on line very quickly.

The businesses listed also serve surrounding cities and neighborhoods including Country … This comment is for the COD College of the Desert driving range. They have bays where each golfer can hit balls from. Normally, when practicing with pros or semiprofessionals there’s no issue with swinging so close to each other. They are in full control of their swing and ball 99.9% of the time. Web-based systems like AgSquared, COG-Pro and the smaller-scale Gardenplanner.southernexposure.com and phone apps store a lot of information and let you make changes, which automatically transfer to other pages.

In 1985 Kenworthintroduced the T600, the first tractor manufactured with factory-built fairingsthat reflected the empirical research done at NASA Dryden. It is encouraging tosee the continuing improvements to the shapes of both tractors and trailerstoday, all of which reflect research conducted at Dryden at the time orperformed at three universities under Dryden’s guidance. This small detail of the bill wasresponsible for the shift from cab-overs to conventional engine-in-fronttractors, a much more fuel-efficient design because of its shape. This image is taken using a wavelength sensitive to the content of water vapor in the atmosphere. Bright and colored areas indicate high water vapor content (colored and white areas indicate the presence of both high moisture content and/or ice crystals).

You should also check out all our results to avoid missing out on the upcoming events below. Branded as UE Power, the coating is applied to glass as part of the standard manufacturing process using thin-film deposition known as physical vapor deposition. FOX FILES combines in-depth news reporting from a variety of Fox News on-air talent. The program will feature the breadth, power and journalism of rotating Fox News anchors, reporters and producers. RWB begins cannabis manufacturing and processing operation … Discover and create your memorable events with Vape Expo Michigan.

As every designer knows, ideas are one thing, but execution and concept is another. If you are looking for your own Big Idea or want to execute on these, contact me. Since Boston has announced the postponement I’ve kept training.

There was no word on who might step in to fill her role. Murphy’s CV laid the grounds for an automated expungement system to clear hundreds of thousands of low-level marijuana charges. As the state’s current expungement system stands, it would have no way to process the influx of applicants on top of the 10,000 it sees annually already. And it’s all managed from a mobile app, which notifies the grower.

Most tinctures are made from alcohol, which is a problem for alcoholics. Glycerin tinctures are sometimes available at compassion clubs, but many people have reported that they often don’t work in reasonable doses. Hat do you do when you need cannabis medicine and you can’t or don’t want to smoke or vaporize? The usual answers are edibles or tinctures, but even these don’t work for everyone. Mometer to check that the oven is actually at the temperature you set it to, before you use it for such a heatsensitive operation.

The midsole foam itself is key, decreasing overall weight, and increasing rebound. For a full scientific analysis of how this may work, I highly suggest this Real Science of Sport podcast- “The Shoe That Broke Running”. A lot of excellent content has already been written from Race Directors. This article is a good start to explaining what it takes to put on a race. This podcast by some of the best Race Directors in the business dives deep into how decisions are being made as races try to adapt to an ever-changing situation.

Ten years ago, 63 percent of voters approved Michigan’s medical marijuana law. In 2014, according to an EPIC-MRA survey, half the state’s voters favored full legalization. That number, according to a poll released just last week, is now up to 61 percent, compared to 35 percent opposed. This year, Michigan NORML was agreed to assist with the cbd full spectrum cannibis oil by bird valley organics after-event clean up and we need a few volunteers to help us. After all the festivities are over, a group of Michigan NORML supporters will participate in the general clean up of the DIAG and along Tappen and Monroe Streets. We will supply the trash bags, a volunteer Tshirt, beverages and Pizza or Sub Sandwiches to those that participate.

The FDA has approved a medication called Marinol that is synthetic THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. This medication is FDA-approved to treat several medical conditions and is classified by the government as Schedule 3. Therefore, the same THC in cannabis and Marinol should not be in two different schedules. President Obama has stopped raids on medical cannabis facilities, and as such, acknowledges the government is aware that cannabis has medicinal activity within the continental United States. This should end the argument of federal versus state rights. I’m not sure how the federal government can negate a legal democratic vote in a democratic society.

If you don’t feel too high or dizzy, and the effects of the cannabis have not helped you sufficiently, then it’s time for another inhalation. Repeat as desired, but remember to wait the ten minutes between inhalations, at least the first few times. Basically Basically, theregiddy, is to it.or Ateven someapoint, you may well feel, that’s high, all dizzy, bit silly, but depending on your medical condition, odds are that first you’ll feel some relief. Inhaling your medicine gives you very quick results, and it’s easy to learn when you’ve had just enough. Home with Storm — my husband worked and supported us financially, so Storm and I were very close.

It’s a fun aircraft to fly and perfect for carrier-ops – an aircraft carrier is a home to this bird and we have a great freeware carrier available here. Installation is easy (drag/drop) and full details are provided in the ZIP file for ease of installation. All of the repaints were meticulously handcrafted based on real-world cargo operations. Some of the repaints include; Aeroflot, Air Canada, British Airways, TUI, Japan Airlines, Air China, United Airlines, Air France and many more – there are 56 airlines in total. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner won the hearts of thousands of aviation enthusiasts during its development and release.

The design of pride & remembrance run race kit is a perfect example of the “whole being more than the sum of the parts”. By considering the kit contents and marketing approach with a cohesive, integrated strategy, the result is a win-win-win. The participants get a unique, memorable experience, the sponsors & beneficiaries get more exposure, and the event gains in value, reputation and desirability.

It does take approximately four months to have a usable product. Law enforcement should also be held accountable for its actions and should treat these future patients and business owners with respect. Smash and grabstates tacticsshould that have been used in other not be tolerated by our local law enforcement. Because of this fact alone, the pharmaceutical companies stand to lose a lot of money if this idea is passed. Famous frontman of Loverboy, as well as Al Harlow of Prism, promoting medicinal marijuana and discussing Michelle’s life’s work, and in walks B.C.’s brand new Premier Christy Clark. I can’t believe I got to be on the radio and meet our babelicious Premier.

Centered in the heart of downtown Guadalajara, this historic hotel provides elegant accommodations, first-class amenities and is only a short distance from many area attractions. Only moments from downtown Guadalajara attractions, including the Degollado Theatre, this hotel how much cbd oil to take for high blood pressure features a lush tropical atmosphere along with comfortable accommodations and an on-site restaurant. This traditional Mexican house is in Guadalajara, just a 5-minute walk from Plaza del Sol Shopping Center. It has a fitness center and a charming garden with a fountain.

Throughout the process, these applications were also considered. From social media overlays to way-finding and race kit elements, the brand identity is consistent and considered. Not fundamentally that different from running shoes 50 or even 100 years ago. While there have been some interesting attempts at building “smart” footwear, most of it leans to the gadgety side of things, without much real benefit. Self Lacing, GPS enabled, tracking shoes may measure your gait and stats, but don’t actually do anything while you are running. As it turns out, it’s not as simple as sticking a piece of carbon fiber into some foam.

And several cities, including Ferndale, are expected to follow suit soon. So when I saw this modern-day AH-64 Apache Longbow attack helicopter in British colors on static display at this show, I decided that I’d ask the crew if they were going to leave straight after the show. However, on my way back to the showgrounds I heard the unmistakable sound of the helicopter taking off.

We have been informed that they were over there taking pictures of people as they were leaving the place. I have since been informed by one group of people that they were in fact followed by one officer to their vehicle. The following day, the information session made its way into the local papers, complete with a picture of the police in attendance. The whole experience made many people question what the police were doing at an information session. We’re not the only ones that were curious, as the Belleville Intelligencer newspaper published an article about this.

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