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EisbachWatches  is specialized in manufacturing German engineered automatic tool watches, made in Swiss. The main lines of our Collection are the Tidron E1 series (Diver) and the Tidron UT 360GM-T series (GMT watch), highlighted by the limited edition models: the Tidron E1 – Ice Fjord Diver, Green Land Ice Diver and the Tidron UT 360GM-TPRO White.

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It’s In Our DNA

EisbachWatches was founded by Erich & Ancila Witzgall, born of a lifelong passion and a desire to create high-end tool watches that can compete with the best automatic watches on the planet.

Erich, the thinker, and tinkerer is a German mechanical engineer with over 20 years of international experience. His German heritage is fascinatingly evident in the extremely detailed mechanisms and individually tailored features included in Eisbach’s magnificently designed precision time instruments.

Ancila was born in Bahrain. Her exploration of the design world led her to further develop and refine Erich’s stunning mechanisms, with a natural and attractive aesthetic appearance.

That’s how Eisbach brand was born. Named after the German river that means “ice brook” in English, and inspired by natural forces coming together in power and beauty, Eisbach is the synchronicity of nature itself that aptly reflects the ethos of the brand. Years of following the river surfing scene in Munich sparked the embers that ignited Eisbach.

The Eisbach River

Since 1972, adventurous river surfers have ventured onto the rushing waters of the Eisbach. Since 2010, the river in Munich has been officially open for surfing – for anyone who wants to venture into the mighty masses of water. Regardless of the weather or the time of year, surfers can be seen riding the waves, throwing all caution to the wind in search of the perfect ride.

Meanwhile, the Eisbach has become an incredible destination for some of the best surfers in the world and continues to attract international tourists. They all come to the park of the English Garden, where the most consistent river surfing in the world can be found, and happily take photos and picnic next to the death-defying surfers.

We have captured that same spirit of adventure and quest for perfection in our custom tool watches. Our dedication to the finest German Tool watches made in Swiss with quality, precision, and innovation continues to fascinate. For this reason, we decided that the name Eisbach is perfect for our brand.

It is a name that best embodies the love of maritime adventures shared by our founders, as well as the logo inspired by nature. You can see the majestic Alps above the two straight lines representing man-made river waves on the back of each piece in our watch collection.

All of this beauty inspires our watchmakers with the same German DNA that has created some of the most famous tool watches in the world. Now you can bring that dedication to functionality, durability, ease of use, and design home with our latest product, suitable for surf and dive watches and available at an attractive price.

Our team

Eisbach is made up of a team of enthusiastic, truly passionate watchmakers.

Our team of experienced engineers creates a vision. And once they are anchored in that vision, it’s time to turn that vision into reality.

With more than twenty years of experience in mechanical engineering, our first watchmaker is inspired by the world of precision, where details matter most. This means you get a German tool watch that can rival any other brand on the market, and at a much more affordable price. We have got what you need if you are looking for an affordable, rugged dive watch or something to wear around the Munich surf scene.

Our mission

We strive to produce high-quality watches with Swiss movement and German tool watch design to match any outfit, occasion, or expedition.

Eisbach watches are designed for long life and the most demanding conditions in the field. But they are also able to outperform the world’s BIGGEST and BEST watch brands at a much lower price.

We believe that quality products with attractive designs can be exclusive and affordable at the same time. Our products are made with pride and meticulousness at the pinnacle of German and Swiss watch design. And we work with the best manufacturing partners to produce high-caliber products that add something unique to your look because quality craftsmanship is non-negotiable. These little touches show that you like to take care of the little things, and that can say a lot about you!

Our Brand – EisbachWatches – is redefining the relationship between sophistication and application. And we are doing that with our unique blend of natural inspiration.

In building the best tool watches, our philosophy is in line with this unique vision of man keeping pace with nature.

Our customers

As a company, we have been truly steadfast in our commitment to our customers. And so Eisbach watches are for those who want to live out their sense of adventure while demonstrating discerning taste – both in German tool watch design and application.

Our customers have a taste for adventure. They want a watch they can cherish for decades. A watch that won’t only withstand the elements, but also fit the many facets of our lives in which we must participate.

With every Eisbach watch purchased, our customers receive a stunningly styled and sophisticated timepiece at an affordable price.

Our watch collection

Our collection includes classic and professional tool watches for men and women. Our collections are not only characterized by a diving depth of 300 to 500m, which is not the core criterion for a sophisticated, expertly crafted diving watch. No, Eisbach watch collection has it all.

Every watch series we create represents this dedication to precision and balance. As a result, you get a watch that rivals the best German automatic watches and other upscale brands around the world.

Taking inspiration from nature, Eisbach watches are truly unique tool watches. They feature a refined and visually appealing style that can hold its own in any environment.

A top position in our collection is occupied by the limited edition watches: Tidron E1 – Ice Fjord DiverGreen Land Ice Diver, the GMT watch – Tidron UT 360GM-Tpro and Tidron UT 360GM-Tpro Carbon

Why Eisbach watches?

We’ve combined our everlasting love for precision time instruments with the conviction that elegance and versatility need not be compromised. Therefore, our goal is simple. We want to help people look good while keeping track of their most valuable asset – their time.

Simply put, we offer some of the best diver automatic watches out there. Eisbach fits naturally into any environment. No matter what your lifestyle, we have what you are looking for. An adventure! At an affordable price! We offer you YOUR watch!

Our inspiration comes from our roots – the Eisbach River.

EisbachWatches are tasteful and sophisticated and are always with you when you need them.

Eisbach Watch Collection is a complement to your unique collection.

Stand out from the crowd.

Know what you want.

Trust our commitment to your lifestyle.

Eisbach Watches

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